Australia Bushfires Animation | Pakistani Animated Movie | DJ Kamal Mustafa

This is an official Pakistani Animated Movie made in solidarity with the people of Australia, the Pakistan Army is ready to help the Government Of Australia. I made this film to tell the world that the people of Australia and animals are looking for help. Please help them. I want to assure them that Pakistan stands with Australia. The film has a message to help the Animals and People of Australia who are facing the deadliest forest fire in the history of Australia. I have shown in this film how animals lost their lives and are waiting for people's help. they are thirsty and they are scared too.

  • Film Director & Producer: DJ Kamal Mustafa

  • VFX Animation: DJ Kamal Mustafa

  • Editing and Voice: DJ Kamal Mustafa

  • Film Story & Ideas: DJ Kamal Mustafa

  • Length Of Film: 4 Minutes

  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD