Operation 786 Pakistani Animated Movie | DJ Kamal Mustafa

Hollywood makes animated films, and India makes animated films but it wasn’t happening before in Pakistan where there was war. Pakistani animated film is based on actual events on the operations done by Pakistan's military is made. Yes, that’s right Pakistani first-ever animated film based on the Army Public School attack, Line Of Control Ceasefire violations, and Terrorist attacks. Military Operations conducted by the armed forces against terrorists and facilitators. The film shows all the positive images of Pakistan and how Pakistan Suffered from terrorism before military operations. How Armed forces ' nations defeated terrorism.

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The film is divided into two parts, and the length of the film is 32 minutes. The first part shows how terrorism was upraised in Pakistan: How terrorists killed innocent children in schools. The second part shows how the military started operations against terrorists known as “Operation 786” & how the Army killed all the terrorists & banned terror outfits.

The first part shows how Pakistan was facing terrorism years ago in which innocent people were killed and not only people but also property, schools, government offices, religious places, and markets could not be protected from bombings. In this section, Karachi’s blasts in Lahore and Balochistan include terrorist incidents. This section also mentions children who are martyred in the Army Public School, how the school also suffered terror, and how the children died for their homeland.

And after the terrorist incidents have shown, in the second part, the army officer met with his team and decided that now we have to kill all the terrorists thus the Army officers started the operation. The operation is called “Operation 786”. First intelligence agencies detected a house where the explosives were being prepared. The officer entered the house not just to kill the terrorists but also to defuse the explosives. After that, there were plenty of operations, and terrorists were killed. An intelligence-based operation military officer also killed the terrorist group of “Army Public School”.

The film also shows the operation of the Pak Air Force, how Air Force also came in front of the terrorists and won and conquered them. The last part of the film is being shown how the Pakistani army gave a befitting response to India by violating the “Line of Control” ceasefire and saving Pakistan from its enemies. In the last part of this movie, Pakistan’s beauty has been shown how peace came after the operation and Pakistan went on to become very good. God gives our martyrs a high place in heaven, they have made their country safe and secure Pakistan.